General terms and conditions of use for Fluid-Mentor videos and downloads

Status: March 2020

We provide our services exclusively on the basis of the following general terms and conditions (GTC). These apply to all legal relationships between OEMTS GmbH & Co KG and the user. OEMTS GmbH & Co KG is the owner and operator of the website

For training courses on:

1. Training Price

Is free

2. Travel and Accommodation Expenses

There are no accommodation and subsistence costs for the trainer and co-trainer (flight costs/business class, taxi or official mileage allowance, parking fees). Arrival and departure times also do not apply. There are also no travel time surcharges for shorter units.

3. Weekend and Holiday Surcharge

This does not apply, because you can watch the videos around the clock, 365 days a year.

4. Seminar Rooms

We don't need them, because you can watch the videos in your own beautiful surroundings.

5. Conditions of Participation

There are no restrictions; everyone can participate. The main thing is that you are in a good mood, healthy and look good.

6. Changes

The trainer cannot be absent due to illness.

7. Copyright

You are welcome to use the download area, but only for your personal use and not for commercial purposes, for example, as a trainer. The download documents are and remain the intellectual property of OEMTS GmbH & CO KG and are only available to persons registered with Fluid-Mentor.

Any further distribution and use of this material—including in-house—is subject to our prior written consent. Videos and documents may under no circumstances be filmed, photographed or reproduced in any other way, not even in part, with whatever aids.

8. Terms of Payment

There are none in this case. However, if you still want to transfer a donation to me, please do not hesitate to contact me. .

9. Liability/Compensation

No liability claims can be made against OEMTS GmbH & Co KG for the knowledge acquired through the use of OEMTS GmbH & Co KG and for the correctness and up-to-dateness of the downloads and videos made available.

We do not accept any liability for printing or typographical errors in our publications and websites. In cases of slight negligence, OEMTS GmbH & Co KG is not liable for property damage or financial damage to the customer, regardless of whether it is direct damage or damage due to delay, indirect damage, lost profit or consequential damage caused by defects, impossibility, culpability when concluding the contract, positive breach of claims and acts due to poor or incomplete performance.

The injured party has to prove the existence of gross negligence. All information requires field tests, as technical criteria are always related. As far as the liability of OEMTS GmbH & Co KG is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of our employees. We cannot accept any liability for technical malfunctions which should not but could happen. We are not liable for hearing or visual damage. Parents are liable for their children.

10. Data Protection

All personal information of the users will, of course, be treated confidentially. By submitting the data, users consent to the storage of their electronically transmitted personal data (first and last name, title, company name, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses). These are used for quality assurance and marketing purposes and are not passed on to third parties.

11. Virus Protection

Wir betreiben unsere Expertenplattform nach dem jeweils aktuellen technischen Stand und sind mit unseren IT- Partner Firmen stets umsichtig diese virenfrei zu betreiben. Eine Garantie bzw. Haftung können wir hier jedoch nicht abgeben.  

12. Animals

Animals are naturally also allowed to watch.

13. Place of Jurisdiction

We probably won't need a judge, but in case we do, then in Linz, Austria. For all disputes that cannot be resolved by consensus, the competent court in Linz is the agreed place of jurisdiction.

... and all of this applies when you use our homepage! By using it, you declare your full agreement, unless we have expressly agreed otherwise in writing with you in individual cases. Austrian law applies.



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